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Welcome to Abundance!

Build your dream home in this beautiful, private, setting. Featuring 1-4 acre lakefront retreats, Abundance Point is designed to be your ultimate get-away location, with Physical Security, Energy Security, and Food Security designed into a private community that values it's natural environment and recreation amenities. 20 miles from Evans, GA (voted Money Magazine Best Place to Live Right Now 2020 https://money.com/evans-georgia-best-places-to-live-2020/, Abundance Point is an easy 40 minute commute through the countryside to Fort Gordon, GA and nearby Augusta, GA.

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Our Development Plan

As an early adopter in the first stages of a premiere lakefront development, you're getting great value for your investment dollars...and you're also taking a risk. What's the plan? What if I'm stuck living somewhere I hate? What if my property loses value?
These are legitimate questions! Investing in a new development can be scary. You're not seeing the finished neighborhood. You're looking at other people's construction, land clearing, and driving on an unfinished road. 
But then you remember...those times you drove through that million dollar neighborhood and thought "I wish I'd gotten in while it was still affordable".
So we're sharing our development plan with you. We're not some nationwide, cookie cutter development company that moves on to the next project and leaves homeowners with issues. We live here too...and these are our investment dollars at risk. Nobody cares more about building a great neighborhood than the owners! 

Check out our Development Plan!

The Event Space

The Ideal place for your family gatherings...our community clubhouse will accommodate 75 with access to a commercial kitchen for your chef, inviting outdoor spaces, and fantastic views! Coming soon in 2024-5!

Why We Grow Food

Adding local, sustainable, healthy food into our communities is important, but not easy. Most of the “fresh” produce we eat here in Georgia comes from over 1500 miles away…and it tastes like it! We all saw during 2020 how fragile our food distribution systems are…and things could get worse with supply chains, fuel, and environmental crises. Our members will have access to fresh, local food through our member’s associated small farm. We can build resiliency into our local food supplies both through sustainable property management during the investment holding phase as well as incorporating mixed use neighborhoods. We can give young farmers a boost without the crushing property debt, equipment startup costs, and the “how do I get my food to market?” dilemma. We’re building the neighborhood around the farm, and the market around the farmer. Holistic agriculture should not have to fit into a cookie cutter, industrial mold. These spaces can be inviting as well as functional. We can keep property values high by providing front yard sustainable landscaping for our residents,  reduce erosion, build topsoil, and increase property value - while continuing a proud Georgia tradition of food independence

Our Recreation Amenities

Under construction during 2024, community maintained semiprivate docks, a boat ramp, a 1.5 mile recreational trail and one of the only private permitted swimming beaches on Clark's Hill Lake. Early adopters can take advantage of the special prices before everyone else finds out about this!

We hate HOAs as much as you do!
Paying members' association fees just to have them tell you what color to paint your door is ridiculous...but we have to have one anyway per county requirements.
Yes, we have covenants and an architect board.
We're also flexible and looking forward to working with you.
We have a waiver process for any of our covenants...just contact us.
How about an HOA that pays its members dividends and provides front yard landscaping? Contact our realtor to find out more.



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